Arab campaign is a campaign. It is of Arabian civilization. The campaign is about Sultan Al-Saif's battles for expanding his empire Sultanate of Saif.


The Battle with the FranksEdit

In this scenerio you will have to defeat three faction, Raiders of Franks, French Settlement and British Settlement. You will also have to defend your allies and if they are defeated you will lose.

Opponents and allies:

Name Color Civilizations Type
Raider of Franks Cyan French Enemy
French Settlement Blue French Enemy
British Settlement Red British Enemy
Aqada Yellow Arabian Ally
Medina Orange Arabian Ally

Available native tribes:


  • Sultan Al-Saif
  • John Herman
  • De Landa
  • General Khalid Al Jamal

Egypt Province creationEdit

This is a conquest mode scenerio. You have to defeat the Ottomans to conquer Egypt.

Opponents and allies

Name Color Civilizations Type
Egyptians Red Arabian Ally
Ottomans of East Blue Ottoman Enemy
Ottomans of West Cyan Ottoman Enemy


  • Sultan Al-Saif
  • General Khalid Al Jamal