Ceylon screen
Imperial Empires: The Campaigns
HerdsDeer (400 Icon food)
Native tribesZen Temple
Bhakti Temple
Trading post sites2 native sites but no trading route
Features• 1 large island
• 2 small islands
• Many trees

Ceylon is an Asian map. It is not in the standard rotation of maps, heck, most players have not even played this map before. Each player begins on their own island which consists of scarce resources. The main object of the map is to relocate to the main larger island in the center, where one can take advantage of the resources that it provides.

Much like Caribbean, naval warfare is key. Control the sea and you will control your opponent's options for expansion. Aztec and Portuguese are particularly effective on this map, as the Aztec's navy can be used to halt expansion, and the Portuguese's extra starting Town Center wagon can be transported to begin on the mainland.

General information (Description)Edit

Players begin on a humble patch of rock rising up from the middle of the sea. Fortunes will be sought on the central island, as players must migrate north to establish bases on this resource rich coast. Wild beasts roam the island's northern region, while Gold mines and ancient Treasures can be found nestled amongst the cliffs to the south. Your Home City has prepared well for this expedition, so your first Shipment will be available quickly.


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