Imperial Empires: The Campiagns
Unique UnitsKereyid Horse
Home CityKereyid Village

Kereyid is an additional campaign civilization featured in Mongolian campaign.


The Keraits or Kereyids first enter into history as the ruling faction of the Zubu confederacy, a large alliance of tribes that dominated Mongolia in the 11th and 12th centuries and often fought with the Liao Dynasty of northern China, which controlled much of Mongolia at the time. After the Zubu confederacy broke up, the Keraits retained their dominance on the steppe right up until they were absorbed into Genghis Khan's Mongolian state. They consisted of eight tribes, including the Khereid, Jirkhin, Khonkhoid, Sukhait, Tumbegen, Dunghaid and Khirkhun, although some histories say the Kerait had six tribes.