Trading Post
In Game Trading Post
Commercial (Military w/Upgrade)
First AppearanceImperial Empires: The Campaigns
Cost250 Wood
Age AvailableDiscovery
Build Limitunlimited
Use• Generates experience points or resources.
• Send gift to allies
•Make alliance with natives civilizations.

Trading Post is a building that allows you to trade.


The Trading Post can only be built on certain places on a given map. These places are special sites located near Native American settlements or along Trade Routes. An Explorer or a Settler can build the Trading Post on one of these pre-placed sites. If built at a Native settlement, it establishes an alliance with the tribe there. If built near a Trade Route it establishes a post where the passing trade unit - a Travois, Stage Coach or Train - delivers goods as it passes. Allying with Natives allows a player to train special Native units, usually warriors, and also grants access to a group of improvements to that tribe. Native units do not cost any population spaces, but can only be built in limited numbers. Building a Trading Post is a good way to supplement resource gathering or the speed at which you may request Shipments from the Home City. An improvement in the Trading Post increases the speed at wich the trade unit delivers goods. The route starts out serviced by a lone Travois. As you improve it, it becomes a Stage Coach and finally a Train. Anyone who builds a Trading Post along a Trade Route is granted line of sight around the trade unit. This means that as the trade unit passes into the Fog of War or completely unexplored areas, you will be able to see what is immediatly beyond the Train.